Green shoots: Indian state introduces guns-for-trees scheme

Punjab residents must plant 10 trees to get a firearms licence – and send photos to prove it

Residents in a district of the Indian state of Punjab who want to buy a gun face an unlikely new hurdle: to secure a firearm licence, they must plant at least 10 trees.

Applicants in Ferozepur district are required to send photos of themselves with their saplings to officials, as well as follow-up pictures a month later to prove they are caring for their trees.

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Hong Kong protesters charged with rioting as violence flares

Supporters gather outside court where accused appeared, chanting ‘liberate Hong Kong’

More than 20 people have appeared in court in Hong Kong charged with rioting, as hundreds of supporters gathered outside the building chanting “revolution of our time” and “liberate Hong Kong”.

The hearings marked the first time authorities have resorted to the serious charges of rioting since the beginning of a wave of unrest that has plunged the former British colony into its biggest political crisis since its return to Chinese rule in 1997.

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CSR・CG・ SDGs ~ 日本企業には素地があった

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Corporate Social Responsibility(企業の社会的責任)、Corporate Governance(コーポレート・ガバナンス/企業統治)、Sustainable Development Goals(持続可能な開発目標) 、という、英語ばかりをみると、元々日本企業には無かった概念かと誤解するかもしれません。

ファーウェイとグーグル、スマートスピーカーを共同開発していた 米輸出規制で頓挫=報道

ファーウェイ製スマートスピーカー、グーグルと共同開発 米政府が停止させる=報道(GettyImages)


7月30日、トランプ米大統領は、将来的には国防予算を削減することも検討すると述べた。ケーブルTVのC-SPANのインタビューに応じた。写真は同日ワシントンで撮影(2019年 ロイター/Leah Millis)
[ワシントン 30日 ロイター] – トランプ米大統領は30日、将来的には国防予算を削減することも検討すると述べた。ケーブルTVのC-SPANのインタビューに応じた。 大統領は、前任者らが米軍を弱体化させたと批判。2017年の就任以来、国防予算を増額している。 共和党主導の上院は今週、7380億ドルの国防費が含まれる、歳出拡大と債務上限の適用停止を盛り込んだ法案について採決する予定。これにより、

Afghanistan: at least 28 civilians killed after bus hits roadside bomb

Passengers, mainly women and children, were killed in attack officials blame on Taliban

Dozens of civilian passengers, mainly women and children, have been killed in Afghanistan when the bus they were travelling in ran over a roadside bomb, officials have said.

“A passenger bus travelling on the Kandahar-Herat highway hit a Taliban roadside bomb. So far at least 28 killed, 10 wounded,” said Muhibullah Muhib, a spokesman for western Farah province, of the incident on Wednesday morning. All were civilians, mostly women and children, he said.

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