Wars without end: why is there no peaceful solution to so much global conflict?

A new study shows that 60% of the world’s wars have lasted for at least a decade. From Afghanistan to Libya, Syria to Congo DRC, has endless conflict become normalised?Libya’s civil war entered its 7th year this month with no end in sight. In Afghanis…


Coronavirus live news: Brazil sees record increase as cases jump by 33,000

Brazil becomes fourth worst country for deaths; Spanish prime minister to seek two-week extension of state of emergency; Pressure builds on South African presidentGlobal report: cases pass 6 million as Donald Trump postpones G7Senior UK adviser has bro…


‘We poked the bear’: Australian farmers take the China trade stoush in their stride

An 80% tariff on barley means switching to other crops or finding alternative markets. But at least there’s been rainThe timing was exquisite. Just as many Australian farmers had mostly finished sowing, Beijing’s 80% tariff imposed on our second bigges…