Myanmar junta accused of crimes against humanity six months on from coup

Human Rights Watch says army’s suppression of protests has included torture and murder, as small protests mark milestone

Human Rights Watch has accused Myanmar’s military junta of crimes against humanity as small groups of protesters marked six months since the armed forces seized power.

Bands of university students rode motorbikes around the country’s second-largest city Mandalay on Saturday waving red and green flags, saying they rejected any possibility of talks with the military to negotiate a return to civilian rule.

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Hong Kong man arrested for allegedly booing Chinese anthem while watching Olympics

Man allegedly also waved colonial-era flags while watching fencer Edgar Cheung’s medal ceremony at a mall

Hong Kong police have arrested a man on suspicion of insulting the national anthem, after he allegedly booed the Chinese national anthem while watching an Olympic event at a mall.

The 40-year-old man was detained on Friday after allegedly waving colonial-era Hong Kong flags and booing, while urging others to join him in insulting the song, according to a police statement posted on Facebook.

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The Truth about Comfort Women – U.S. Army Official Report from 1944

The Truth about Comfort Women – U.S. Army Official Report from 1944

Only since the late 80s, Koreans began to blame Japan for taking the Korean women by force to make them as “comfort women” during World War 2. Koreans claim huge indemnity for the injuries they have suffered. But there is no material proof of their claim, if not the former prostitutes’s ambiguous and inconsistent testimonies.

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‘Women have not been able hold these: Samoa’s first female PM gets down to the job

After months of political turmoil, following the country’s most contentious election, Fiama Naomi Mata’afa is ready to get to work

The prime minister’s office in Apia, the capital of Samoa, which overlooks the harbour, has just been vacated by the man who held the job for 22 years.

The bookshelves are still empty, but the room is filled with bunches of flowers, sent by well-wishers keen to congratulate the new incumbent.

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Bots and scalpers: desperate Kiwis try everything to get into Fortress New Zealand

New Zealanders stranded abroad are growing increasingly frustrated with the country’s over-subscribed quarantine system

In the age of coronavirus, New Zealand can seem like an idyll: a tightly sealed hermit kingdom, recently rated best place to survive global societal collapse, and one of the last countries in the world to evade incursions from the Delta variant. But the walls of fortress New Zealand aren’t only successful at keeping out Covid-19.

With demand for government-required quarantine greatly exceeding the supply of spaces, desperate New Zealanders are going to enormous lengths – employing bots, coders, and $2000 booking assistants – to try to secure entry to the country. For many, the emotional and psychological toll is enormous.

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UN compound attacked in Herat city, western Afghanistan

Identity of assailants unknown, but Taliban fighters are known to have penetrated city after US withdrawal

The main UN compound in the capital of the western Afghan province of Herat was attacked by “anti-government elements” on Friday and at least one security guard was killed, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said.

The attack, involving rocket-propelled grenades and guns, happened hours after Taliban fighters penetrated deep into Herat city, and heavy clashes with Afghan security forces took place near the UNAMA provincial headquarters, officials said.

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