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Why Bangladesh is running out of options in the face of extreme weather

The south Asian country is a world leader in climate adaptation, but without more funding the country will struggle to protect its people, a report warns As far back as she can remember, Shahanaz Ali has been running from cyclones. “Moving constantly f…

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Indian women are being told nationalism will empower them. It’s a trick | Pragya Agarwal

Far-right Hindu nationalists are giving women prominence to mobilise others, but regressive patriarchal systems are embedded in their ideologyIt all started in the family WhatsApp group. A member of my extended family posted photos and videos of firewo…

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‘The staff get hush money’: the hidden scandal of rape in Indian prisons

Female prisoners are ‘supplied’ to male inmates of West Bengal jails, sexual abuse is commonplace and hundreds of children are born in prison. But the women are too scared to speak outWhen Tapas Kumar Bhanja was appointed to investigate conditions in W…

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