Weather tracker: Typhoon Noru wreaks havoc across south-east Asia

As Hurricane Ian hits the Americas, Noru has been ripping through the Philippines, Vietnam and ThailandHurricane Ian has been in the headlines but it is not the only storm that has been causing havoc in the past week. On Tuesday, Typhoon Noru struck so…


Australia-New Zealand refugee deal: UN blames mental health toll after just 36 people take up offer

UN refugee agency says many refugees have been traumatised by years in Australian detention camps, hampering uptake of the offerIn nearly six months, just 36 people have taken up New Zealand’s offer to resettle refugees held in Australian detention cam…


Could a digital twin of Tuvalu preserve the island nation before it’s lost to the collapsing climate?

With rising seas expected to submerge the nation by 2100, official says ‘we should always be able to remember Tuvalu as it is, before it disappears’Get our free news app, morning email briefing or daily news podcastWhen Tuvalu vanishes beneath rising s…