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Rhino numbers rebound as global figures reveal a win for conservation

Tally rises to 27,000 but is still a far cry from former half a million, and Javan and Sumatran rhino remain critically endangeredGlobal rhinoceros numbers have increased to 27,000 despite populations being ravaged by poaching and habitat loss, new fig…

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G20: battle for influence as US seeks to rival China in the global south

There will be pressure on rich countries to fulfil a commitment to provide climate finance to poorer nationsThe run-up to this weekend’s G20 summit in Delhi has largely been dominated by two issues: the host’s efforts to project India as a superpower; …

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‘Major disruptor’: El Niño threatens the world’s rice supplies

After India imposed an export ban on rice following destructive rains, prices have soared – now other countries across south-east Asia are following suitNormally by mid-August Thongpoon Moonchansong’s fields are submerged in still waters, with scattere…

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China continues coal spree despite climate goals

World’s biggest carbon emitter approving equivalent of two new coal plants a week, analysis showsChina is approving new coal power projects at the equivalent of two plants every week, a rate energy watchdogs say is unsustainable if the country hopes to…

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