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Women in Afghanistan are fighting an unequal war. We need your support | Zahra Joya

The Taliban have barred us from the workplace, cut our access to healthcare and closed schools to us. Must we struggle alone?We suddenly all woke in the middle of the night. A piercing cry came from the corner of our room. It was my teenage sister, sob…

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‘My mother spent her life trying to find me’: the children who say they were wrongly taken for adoption

For years, Bibi Hasenaar felt rejected because she was adopted aged four. Then she saw a photo that described her as missing – and began to uncover an astonishing dark historyƒBibi Hasenaar has had two lives. One began in November 1976, when she was ab…

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‘Hell on earth’: India’s taboos around women’s pain leave endometriosis sufferers in agony

Despite the pain of the condition, diagnoses take seven years on average globally. In India, where 42 million women have the disease, cultural stigmas can make the delay even longer‘Hell-on-earth excruciating pain,” is how Ruhi Singh* describes her exp…

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So fathers want to be ‘more present’ in the home? Put down your phone and I’ll tell you how | Nilanjana Bhowmick

Babysitting is all very well, but to truly lighten a woman’s load, partners must juggle physical, emotional and cognitive labour‘Like many men of my generation, I wanted to be a more present father than my own had been.” As I read the first sentence of…

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