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How British colonialism increased diabetes in south Asians

South Asians today are between four and six times more likely to get type 2 diabetes than white people. While the role of diet and lifestyle has been explored, it’s only recently that the impact of the disproportionate famines under British colonial ru…

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Are women getting angrier? Maybe they’re just giving themselves permission to show it | Pragya Agarwal

Anger is still seen as admirable in men but unacceptable in women. It’s time to end the tyranny of gendered emotionsWhen the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team was banned for two matches and fined for smashing the stumps with her bat in an angr…

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Israeli ambassador protests as Iranian president speaks – as it happened

The United Nations general assembly liveblog is now closed, but please see the following stories to stay on top of the day’s news:Zelenskiy accuses Russia of genocide and urges world leaders to attend peace summitWorld inching ever closer to a great fr…

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Women in Afghanistan are fighting an unequal war. We need your support | Zahra Joya

The Taliban have barred us from the workplace, cut our access to healthcare and closed schools to us. Must we struggle alone?We suddenly all woke in the middle of the night. A piercing cry came from the corner of our room. It was my teenage sister, sob…

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Kerala is rolling out free broadband for its poorest citizens. What’s stopping your government? | Oommen C Kurian

The pandemic showed us how digital divides worsen inequality – this project shows they’re not inevitableDigital poverty and exclusion hide in plain sight. In an era of hyper-connectivity, millions are left in the shadows, even in the wealthiest countr…

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‘We give our blood so they live comfortably’: Sri Lanka’s tea pickers say they go hungry and live in squalor

Top tea firms investigate as plantation workers say they have to pick 18kg a day but still skip meals and make their children workSome of the world’s leading tea manufacturers, including Tetley and Lipton, are examining working conditions on the planta…

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So fathers want to be ‘more present’ in the home? Put down your phone and I’ll tell you how | Nilanjana Bhowmick

Babysitting is all very well, but to truly lighten a woman’s load, partners must juggle physical, emotional and cognitive labour‘Like many men of my generation, I wanted to be a more present father than my own had been.” As I read the first sentence of…

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Revealed: migrant workers in Qatar forced to pay billions in recruitment fees

Guardian investigation finds labourers – including those on World Cup-related projects – were left with huge debtsLow-wage migrant workers have been forced to pay billions of dollars in recruitment fees to secure their jobs in World Cup host nation Qat…

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Low turnout for India’s national two-day strike as 50 million join protests

Unions say strike over ‘anti-worker’ government policies a success despite limited impact, with far fewer than predicted taking partAn estimated 50 million people joined India’s two-day national strike this week, a fraction of the number expected to pr…

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