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Indian women are being told nationalism will empower them. It’s a trick | Pragya Agarwal

Far-right Hindu nationalists are giving women prominence to mobilise others, but regressive patriarchal systems are embedded in their ideologyIt all started in the family WhatsApp group. A member of my extended family posted photos and videos of firewo…

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‘The staff get hush money’: the hidden scandal of rape in Indian prisons

Female prisoners are ‘supplied’ to male inmates of West Bengal jails, sexual abuse is commonplace and hundreds of children are born in prison. But the women are too scared to speak outWhen Tapas Kumar Bhanja was appointed to investigate conditions in W…

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‘Me and my menopause’: a view from women around the world

Millions of women are being let down by lack of support during and after menopause. We asked six, from Brazil to Bangladesh, to share their stories of fighting stigma, dealing with symptoms and supporting othersRead more: A menopause revolution is stir…

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Woman making Christmas jumpers for UK turns to sex work to pay bills

Story of garment worker’s ordeal in Bangladesh, where she works in a factory producing clothes for brands including Tesco, Matalan and Next, shines light on low factory wagesEvery night, Ruby Rafiq* lies awake on the cold, hard floor of her small room,…

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‘I’m not a toy’: how an antiquated tradition of forced marriage wrecked one girl’s life

Despite a ban on ‘ghag’ forced marriages, a man laid claim to Inteha when she was 12 years old. Now she lives in fear as her family fights for her right to marry the man of her choiceInteha Bibi’s happiest moment was her engagement last year. Everyone …

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How a father’s love for his daughter challenged India’s ‘rape culture’

The story of girl’s refusal to be shamed by her gang-rape and a father’s fight for justice, defying a village’s hostility and the dead weight of patriarchy, is told in Nisha Pahuja’s film To Kill a TigerWhen his 13-year-old daughter stumbled home six y…

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Are women getting angrier? Maybe they’re just giving themselves permission to show it | Pragya Agarwal

Anger is still seen as admirable in men but unacceptable in women. It’s time to end the tyranny of gendered emotionsWhen the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team was banned for two matches and fined for smashing the stumps with her bat in an angr…

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