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China fuels global surge in mpox cases as LGBTQ+ stigma hampers response

WHO says China facing ‘sustained community transmission’ of virus first detected as imported case last yearChina is fuelling a global surge in mpox cases, accounting for the majority of new cases reported in September, according to the World Health Or…

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‘I log into a torture chamber each day’: the strain of moderating social media

As jobs screening US, UK and EU platforms are shifted to India, viewing ‘gore’ to clean up the web has traumatised moderators‘I had to watch every frame of a recent stabbing video … It will never leave me,” says Harun*, one of many moderators reviewing…

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Women’s health at risk from UK aid cuts, Foreign Office warned

Thousands more women will be forced into unsafe abortions and die in pregnancy and childbirth, ministers toldHundreds of thousands more women will face unsafe abortions and thousands will die in pregnancy and childbirth as a result of UK aid cuts in 20…

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Power of touch: how blind women are helping detect breast cancer in India

A scheme training visually impaired women to use their heightened tactile abilities benefits patients and examinersThe most satisfying part of Ritika Maurya’s work is reassuring the anxious. “Women fear coming for breast examinations,” says Maurya. “Wh…

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‘Hell on earth’: India’s taboos around women’s pain leave endometriosis sufferers in agony

Despite the pain of the condition, diagnoses take seven years on average globally. In India, where 42 million women have the disease, cultural stigmas can make the delay even longer‘Hell-on-earth excruciating pain,” is how Ruhi Singh* describes her exp…

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