Extreme weather

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‘Impossible’ heatwave struck Philippines in April, scientists find

Human-caused climate crisis brought soaring temperatures across Asia, from Gaza to Delhi to ManilaThe record-breaking heatwave that scorched the Philippines in April would have been impossible without the climate crisis, scientists have found. Searing …

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No crops, no brides: how rising seas are killing India’s coastal villages

As the sea inundates Odisha’s coastline, livelihoods have withered with the harvest and weddings are a rarity as young women refuse to move to areas where they see no futurePhotographs by Aishwarya MohantyIn Udaykani, a coastal village in the east Indi…

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Why Bangladesh is running out of options in the face of extreme weather

The south Asian country is a world leader in climate adaptation, but without more funding the country will struggle to protect its people, a report warns As far back as she can remember, Shahanaz Ali has been running from cyclones. “Moving constantly f…

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