Beijing hits out at Nato strategy for ‘malicious attack’ on China

Western military bloc says China poses ‘serious challenges’ to global stability

China has issued a strong rebuke at Nato, calling out what it said was “cold war thinking and ideological bias”, after the western military bloc said Beijing posed “serious challenges” to global stability.

Nato allies agreed for the first time to include challenges and threats posed by China into a strategy blueprint in its latest summit in Madrid this week. The alliance’s previous document, issued in 2010, made no mention of China.

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Marcos Jr pays tribute to dictator father as he is sworn in as president of the Philippines – video

Marcos Jr, who began his term as president of the Philippines on Thursday, invoked his father’s legacy as he promised he would deliver for the country.

Crucial to Marcos Jr’s success was an alliance with outgoing president Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter Sara, who secured the vice-presidential post with more votes than him, and the backing of rival dynasties.

Protesters took to the streets of Manila as the president-elect, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, and Sara Duterte were due to take office after winning landslide victories in last month's elections

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‘White gold’: why shrimp aquaculture is a solution that caused a huge problem

In the 1980s, farmers in Bangladesh went from paddies to ponds, letting salt water flood their land. Now millions are left counting the cost

Asadul Islam peers into his pond in south-west Bangladesh and watches as hundreds of caged crabs float past beneath him. He is looking for those that have shed their hard shell. When he finds one, he has a short window to freeze it and send it off for sale to westerners with a taste for soft-shelled crabs.

He hopes this new business venture will provide the wealth that eluded his father. For generations, Islam’s family farmed rice. But from the 1980s, rising seas and storm surges began pushing saltwater over the banks of tidal rivers and ruining their crops. His father, along with millions of other coastal farmers, decided to flood the family’s paddies with brackish water and stock the briny ponds with black tiger prawn fry.

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North Korean hackers thought to be behind $100m cryptocurrency heist

If confirmed, last week’s attack would be the eighth this year – involving $1bn in stolen funds – that could be confidently attributed to North Korea

North Korean hackers are thought to be behind last week’s theft of as much as $100m in cryptocurrency from a US company, as the regime steps up attempts to secure funding for its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

The assets were stolen on 23 June from Horizon Bridge, a service operated by the Harmony blockchain that allows assets to be transferred to other blockchains, three digital investigative firms have concluded.

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West must stand firm as China challenges ‘rules and norms’, Ardern tells Nato

In New Zealand’s first formal address to Nato, Ardern dedicated part of her speech to warning of Beijing’s increasingly muscular international presence

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern has urged democratic nations to stand firm as China becomes “more assertive” and “willing to challenge international rules and norms,” in New Zealand’s first-ever formal address to Nato.

New Zealand has toughened its tone recently on security and Beijing’s growing presence in the South Pacific, in part due to the signing of a security pact between China and Solomon Islands.

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Hong Kong tightens security as Xi visits for 25th anniversary of handover

China’s president makes first trip outside mainland since pandemic began as territory prepares to mark milestone

China’s president, Xi Jinping, has made his first trip outside the mainland since the Covid pandemic began, landing in Hong Kong and telling crowds the region had “risen from the ashes” after years of upheaval.

The leader, his wife, Peng Liyuan, and delegates, arrived by high-speed train at West Kowloon station before his scheduled attendance at the inauguration of the city’s new chief executive, and the 25th anniversary of the British return of Hong Kong to Chinese rule.

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Killing of Hindu tailor sparks protests in India – video

Protests have erupted in India following the killing of a Hindu tailor in the state of Rajasthan. Fearing outbreaks of religious violence, police in the state banned public gatherings and suspended internet services a day after two Muslims posted a video claiming responsibility for killing a Hindu tailor in the city of Udaipur. Warning: this video contains content that may be distressing to some viewers

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Hong Kong handover: timeline

Twenty years ago today, Hong Kong was returned to China, ending over a century of British rule

1842: Hong Kong was ceded “in perpetuity” - for good - to Britain after China lost the first opium war. This is how the Manchester Guardian told its readers the news.

1860: Peace was short lived though. A second opium war, and another defeat for China, saw the British take the Kowloon peninsula.

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Nato leaders voice concern about threat China poses to world order for first time

Beijing’s efforts to build up nuclear forces, hacking operations and increasingly close ties to Moscow are ‘serious challenges’, says Nato secretary general

China is not an adversary but it does represent serious challenges, Jens Stoltenberg, Nato’s secretary general, said on Wednesday, as the alliance agreed for the first time to include threats posed by Beijing into a blueprint guiding its future strategy.

While Russia’s war against Ukraine has dominated discussions at the Nato summit, China earned a place among the western alliance’s most worrying security concerns.

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Ferdinand Marcos Jnr praises dictator father during swearing in as Philippines president

Son says family has legacy of achievement as he completes clan’s return to power 36 years after father’s ousting

Ferdinand Marcos Jr has promised a government that will deliver for all Filipinos during his inauguration speech, even as he paid tribute to the legacy of his dictator father, whose rule was marked by widespread corruption and rights abuses.

Marcos Jr, who began his term as president of the Philippines on Thursday, said he would emulate his father. “I once knew a man who saw what little had been achieved since independence in a land of people with the greatest potential for achievement. And yet they were poor. But he got it done. Sometimes with the needed support, sometimes without. So will it be with his son. You will get no excuses from me,” he said.

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