‘We give our blood so they live comfortably’: Sri Lanka’s tea pickers say they go hungry and live in squalor

Top tea firms investigate as plantation workers say they have to pick 18kg a day but still skip meals and make their children workSome of the world’s leading tea manufacturers, including Tetley and Lipton, are examining working conditions on the planta…


Curd instinct: ancient Nepali food reborn as dog chews in US

Exporting churpi, herders’ smoked yak cheese, has transformed lives in remote Himalayan villagesOn a cold, wet August morning in the windswept high pastures of the Nepalese Himalayas, a stream of herders bring fresh milk to a makeshift tent at an altit…


‘It’s spreading faster than we’ve ever seen’: the mission to halt leprosy in Bangladesh’s tea gardens

Despite the WHO declaring it eliminated in 1998, thousands of tea pickers have caught the diseaseAloka Gonju didn’t take much notice of the discoloured patch of skin on her left hand until her fingers began to stiffen and hurt. It became a struggle to …