The US election that doesn’t count: Guam goes to the polls but votes won’t matter

‘Now that I live in Guam, I cannot vote’. The first Americans to ‘vote’ on polling day have no say in who will be president Politics is a favourite sport on the streets of Hagatna, where voters are preparing for the US elections.Billboards adorn every …


Anti-France protests draws tens of thousands across Muslim world

Demonstrations held in Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories and AfghanistanTens of thousands of Muslims in Pakistan, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and elsewhere joined protests on Friday over the French president Emmanuel Macron’s vow to p…


‘I feel free here’: how a miracle girls’ school was built in India’s ‘golden city’

A strikingly-designed centre reminiscent of Rajasthan’s famous forts will soon be opening its doors in conservative Jaisalmer“Don’t even try,” friends told Michael Daube, when he said he wanted to coax women in Jaisalmer to embroider yoga bags to help …