WHO team visits Wuhan market where Covid-19 first detected

Market is landmark in Chinese city traumatised as epicentre of what became the pandemic

A World Health Organization-led team of experts investigating the origins of Covid-19 have visited Huanan market, the now shuttered wholesale seafood centre in the Chinese city of Wuhan where the virus was initially detected.

The team arrived at Huanan amid heavy security, with additional barricades set up outside a high blue fence surrounding the market, and left in a convoy after about one hour. The experts did not take questions from journalists.

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Leave Hong Kong before it’s too late, say those who now call Britain home

Former residents who have chosen to take their chances in the UK after Beijing’s clampdown speak out

Aragon starts work on Monday as an estate agent in London, focused on finding clients who want to move to Britain’s capital from his home city of Hong Kong, a move he made himself four months ago.

His job is one of the first created by a new visa scheme that opens today, giving millions of Hong Kong residents the right to move to Britain and eventually seek citizenship, in response to a Chinese government crackdown in the city.

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Family of Indonesian plane crash victims sue Boeing for ‘dangerous’ aircraft

The lawsuit filed by the family of three victims alleges the Boeing 737-500 aircraft was defective in one or more ways

An Indonesian family whose relatives died onboard the Sriwijaya Air flight that crashed into the Java Sea have filed legal action against Boeing, alleging that the aircraft was “defective and unreasonably dangerous”.

The Sriwijaya flight SJ-182 plummeted within minutes of taking off from Jakarta’s main airport earlier this month, with 62 people on board.

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Britain launches new visa for millions of Hongkongers fleeing China’s crackdown

Scheme allows Hong Kong residents with a BNO passport to live and work in the UK with a pathway to citizenship after five years

A new visa scheme offering millions of Hong Kong residents a pathway to British citizenship will go live on Sunday as the UK opens its doors to those wanting to escape China’s crackdown on dissent.

From Sunday afternoon, anyone with a British national overseas (BNO) passport and their dependents will be able to apply online for a visa allowing them to live and work in the UK. After five years they can then apply for citizenship.

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Australia to help south-east Asia combat crime as China deepens influence in region

A new program will help countries in the Mekong region tackle drug and human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and financial crimes

Australia will ramp up its efforts to help south-east Asian countries fight serious crime, as it seeks to build influence in a region where China is increasingly dominant.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is considering prospective bidders to oversee the new program focusing on crime in the Mekong region – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam – with a decision due by the start of March.

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