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Revealed: Meta approved political ads in India that incited violence

Exclusive: Ads containing AI-manipulated images were submitted to Facebook by civil and corporate accountability groupsThe Facebook and Instagram owner Meta approved a series of AI-manipulated political adverts during India’s election that spread disin…

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The China-linked EV battery mega factory dividing a US township

Plans for a sprawling factory in rural Michigan making batteries for electric cars offer an economic lifeline, but for some residents there is a big problem: the parent company is in ChinaSet among green rolling hills and tall pines, Lori Brock’s story…

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‘The Body Shop held our hand’: how the troubled British firm helped a recycling startup in India

The high street retailer may be shutting shops in the UK but its legacy lives on for a plastics company which continues to help improve the lives of India’s waste pickersSitting in a sultry corner of southern India, beside the rain trees and beaches o…

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Xi’s European tour: where is Chinese leader going and what are visit’s aims?

Emmanuel Macron and Viktor Orbán among leaders Xi is meeting, with several key issues on the tableChina’s president, Xi Jinping, has begun a three-country tour of Europe – his first state visit to the continent in five years – at a time when China-EU t…

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As India goes to the polls, can democracy deliver a better life for all of its people?

Behind a veneer of progress, injustice and inequality propped up by corruption and the caste system haunt the subcontinentThis year, more than 80 countries and half the world’s population face elections. While many islands in the Caribbean go to the po…

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Clean energy’s dirty secret: the trail of waste left by India’s solar power boom

As vast solar plants multiply, so does the scrap, set to reach 19m tonnes by 2050. But disposing of the waste often falls to informal traders who risk injury when dismantling broken panelsUnder the scorching sun, a sea of solar panels gleams in the sem…

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Unfair & Lovely: the Bollywood film shining a light on dark-skin discrimination

As an Indian judge says change must start at home, a new movie uses humour to examine family prejudice against children with darker complexionsThree months ago, a high court judge in Chhattisgarh, India, hearing a divorce petition by a husband whose wi…

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