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Too ill to work, too poor to get better: how debt traps families working at India’s kilns

Forced to travel far to find gruelling work making bricks, women and children fall sick but cannot access healthcareThe phrase “khat rahein hain” (“being worn down”) is how Suma Devi describes her 16 years of labouring at the brick kilns near the city …

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‘The Body Shop held our hand’: how the troubled British firm helped a recycling startup in India

The high street retailer may be shutting shops in the UK but its legacy lives on for a plastics company which continues to help improve the lives of India’s waste pickersSitting in a sultry corner of southern India, beside the rain trees and beaches o…

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‘They are trying to eradicate us completely’: the passion and pain of telling the stories of Afghan women

Her family have been threatened and her team faces increasing risks in Afghanistan, but Zahra Joya knows she must keep reporting from exileOn the nights that she manages to fall asleep, Zahra Joya always returns to Afghanistan in her dreams. On good ni…

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Bangladesh garment workers fighting for pay face brutal violence and threats

Workers describe hands and arms being targeted in ‘merciless’ beatings as protests over low wages turn increasingly violent in DhakaWhen Masuma Akhtar arrived at the garment factory where she works on the outskirts of Dhaka on 31 October, she was expec…

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‘A dying art’: India’s female seaweed divers look to a brighter future for their girls

For generations, mothers in Tamil Nadu have taught their daughters the dangerous trade. But while their work has brought them financial independence, few are mourning its passingWith sacks tied around their saris and well-used goggles as their only equ…

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‘Going abroad cost me my health’: Nepal’s migrant workers coming home with chronic kidney disease

Men under 40 are coming home in need of dialysis, after working in intense heat with limited access to drinking water• Photographs by Pete PattissonThree times each week, for four hours at a stretch, Sujan Thami is hooked up to a jumble of tubes in a h…

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World Cup security guards still jailed in Qatar after dispute over unpaid wages

Workers at World Cup 2022 venues fired as tournament ended and allegedly jailed or deported after trying to claim unpaid wagesThree World Cup security guards who were detained while trying to resolve a dispute over unpaid wages are still being held in …

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‘We give our blood so they live comfortably’: Sri Lanka’s tea pickers say they go hungry and live in squalor

Top tea firms investigate as plantation workers say they have to pick 18kg a day but still skip meals and make their children workSome of the world’s leading tea manufacturers, including Tetley and Lipton, are examining working conditions on the planta…

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Not seeing the trees for the wood: willow shortage could spell end for Kashmir’s cricket bat industry

The climate crisis and farmers opting to grow more lucrative timber is putting many bat-makers in Kashmir out of businessFor more than 100 years they have been making cricket bats from Kashmir’s willow trees. Along the highway leading to the town of Sa…

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‘We have a right to live in dignity’: Biharis in Bangladesh fight for equality – and jobs

The Urdu-speaking ethnic group was stateless for many years after the partition of India – and even now remain marginalised, living in cramped settlement camps and struggling to find formal workOn his first day at high school, Khalid Hussain was accuse…

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