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How killing vultures endangers humans – video

Africa has lost about 90% of its vultures over the past 50 years. It’s a rapidly growing crisis, and the decline is not down to natural causes. Most of these birds are being poisoned, often unintentionally, by humans. We know the impact that mass vultu…

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‘It felt like wringing a dry sponge’: India’s dairy farmers face searing heat

Milk and cheese output from world’s largest producer faces catastrophic decline unless more heat stress resistant cattle are bredKailas Ramasamy gently guides his cows into a hangar-sized shed, tethers them to their posts, lays out their fodder and cl…

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Fresh hope for ex-marine’s efforts to rescue 200 cats and dogs from Kabul

UK defence secretary says Paul Farthing, his team and animals can leave on chartered planeA former Royal Marine who has been campaigning to have dozens of people and hundreds of animals at his sanctuary evacuated from Afghanistan has been offered a gli…

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