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Malaysia plans to give orangutans to countries that buy palm oil

‘Orangutan diplomacy’ strategy aims to ease concern over environmental impact of palm oil production, says ministerMalaysia plans to give orangutans as gifts to countries that buy its palm oil as part of an “orangutan diplomacy” strategy to ease concer…

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MH370: one of aviation’s biggest mysteries remains unsolved 10 years on

Relatives of passengers lost onboard ill-fated flight wonder whether a repeat disaster could happen, and if they will get an answer in their lifetimeTimeline of the search for MH370 – a visual guideMH370: key moments in the search for missing Malaysian…

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‘We need to go again’: Australian who led MH370 search joins calls for fresh effort to find plane

Peter Foley, the program director for search led by Australian Transport Safety Bureau, says any chance of success needs the government to invest The man who led Australia’s search for MH370 has urged the Australian government to support any new effort…

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Malaysia in talks over new search for flight MH370 10 years after disappearance

Prime minister Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysia would reopen the investigation if there was compelling new evidenceMalaysia is willing to reopen an investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 if there is compelling new evidence, prime mi…

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