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Chinese woman jailed for reporting on Covid in Wuhan to be freed after four years

Citizen journalist Zhang Zhan’s search for the truth during the early days of the pandemic was seen as a threat by the authoritiesA Chinese citizen journalist who has been in prison for four years after reporting on the early days of the Covid-19 epide…

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Malaysia plans to give orangutans to countries that buy palm oil

‘Orangutan diplomacy’ strategy aims to ease concern over environmental impact of palm oil production, says ministerMalaysia plans to give orangutans as gifts to countries that buy its palm oil as part of an “orangutan diplomacy” strategy to ease concer…

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First scientist to publish Covid sequence in China protests over lab ‘eviction’

Zhang Yongzhen stages sit-in protest, as government attempts to avoid scrutiny over handling of outbreakThe first Chinese scientist to publish a genomic sequence of the Covid-19 virus, in defiance of government orders, has been staging a sit-in protest…

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Academic paper based on Uyghur genetic data retracted over ethical concerns

Exclusive: Study published in 2019 used blood and saliva samples from 203 Uyghur and Kazakh people living in Xinjiang capitalConcerns have been raised that academic publishers may not be doing enough to vet the ethical standards of research they publis…

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Birdsong: the dying whistled language of the Hmong people in northern Laos

Exploring the whistling traditions of the Hmong people of northern Laos, whose language straddles the boundary between music and speech, this film witnesses a collision of ancient tradition with modern urban life. With urbanisation and the advent of mo…

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