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‘Husband eaters’: the double loss of Bangladesh’s ostracised tiger widows

After the trauma of losing their spouse and breadwinner to the Sundarbans’ great predator, women are cast out by their superstitious communities. But they are coming together to rebuild their livesNobody saw exactly what happened in the minutes leading…

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The shrinking sea: why the Caspian is under threat – a photo essay

With the rivers that feed it drying up, less rainfall and a hotter climate, the world’s largest inland body of water is in peril. With five countries sharing it, can the political will to save this unique habitat be found?Text and photographs by Christ…

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How killing vultures endangers humans – video

Africa has lost about 90% of its vultures over the past 50 years. It’s a rapidly growing crisis, and the decline is not down to natural causes. Most of these birds are being poisoned, often unintentionally, by humans. We know the impact that mass vultu…

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‘Like you’re in a horror movie’: pollution leaves New Zealand wetlands irreversibly damaged

Ecologists say some bodies of water may already have passed the tipping points from which they may never recoverAs David Klee nosed his boat out into the channels of Whangamarino, he saw the birds were dying. Hundreds were already dead, floating, the s…

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Six new wētā species found in New Zealand, as their habitat slowly disappears

Global heating speeding up their decline as terrain of newly discovered alpine species disappears Six new alpine species of New Zealand’s most unusual and beloved insect – the wētā – have been discovered, but it is a bittersweet victory, with another …

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Chinese mining firms in Zimbabwe pose threat to endangered species, say experts

Two companies granted permission to clear land at Hwange national park, home to cheetahs, elephants and rhinosRhinos, giraffes, cheetahs and other endangered species face a new threat in Zimbabwe’s Hwange national park: Chinese mining companies.Zhongxi…

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