‘A leader of the world’: south-east Asian countries open to Putin pivot

Only Singapore has imposed sanctions, while others have been receptive to Moscow’s offers of friendshipRussia-Ukraine war – latest updatesThe head of Myanmar’s military junta beamed with joy as he shook hands with Vladimir Putin this week. “We would ca…


The west is ignoring Pakistan’s super-floods. Heed this warning: tomorrow it will be you

Those who don’t die from the floods risk death by starvation – yet you’ve probably heard little about the devastationToday, Pakistan, the world’s fifth-most-populous country, is fighting for its survival. This summer, erratic monsoon rains battered the…


Flags at half-mast and a complicated colonial legacy: Pacific countries remember the Queen

Eleven Pacific countries are part of the Commonwealth, though many have become young republics in the last few decadesGeorge Mackenzie was in first grade at Koloale primary school in Honiara when Queen Elizabeth first visited Solomon Islands in 1974.“…