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Kabul: Final Call by Laurie Bristow; The Afghans by Åsne Seierstad reviews – how the west abandoned Afghanistan… and what happened next

An ex-UK envoy’s compelling account of the chaotic military withdrawal from the country is full of telling details, while Seierstad’s latest work drives home the cruel reality of women’s lives after the return of Taliban ruleIn August 2021, Britain’s l…

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The world in 2024: Guardian writers on what to look out for

What to expect in Gaza, Ukraine, the US elections, China, Europe and the rest of the worldThe year 2024 will be a critical one. The future of Gaza and the West Bank may hinge in part on whether Donald Trump returns to the White House – as may the outco…

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The world still needs a policeman. Let’s hope the US doesn’t quit the job | Simon Tisdall

America’s record at keeping global order is deeply flawed, but the only winners from its drift towards isolationism will be Xi Jinping and Vladimir PutinAmerican global leadership took a serious kicking last week. Politicians and pundits on both sides …

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Chinese business tycoon and Bannon ally Guo Wengui arrested in $1bn fraud conspiracy

US attorney says Wengui, also known as Miles Guo and Ho Wan Kwok, used stolen money to buy a $3.5m Ferrari and finance a $37m yachtGuo Wengui, a self-exiled Chinese tycoon with close links to prominent Trumpist Republicans including Steve Bannon, has b…

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Chinese president Xi Jinping to visit Saudi Arabia next week

The planned gala reception is in stark contrast to the low-key audience afforded Joe Biden in June, as ties between China and the kingdom grow closerThe Chinese president Xi Jinping will visit Saudi Arabia next week, where plans are under way for a gal…

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From Kremlin leak to sperm counts: our readers’ favourite stories of 2021

Here are 20 articles that may have helped convince people to support the Guardian’s journalismThe Guardian benefited from hundreds of thousands of acts of support from digital readers in 2021 – almost one for every minute of the year. Here we look at t…

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US Afghanistan withdrawal a ‘logistical success but strategic failure’, Milley says

General and other military leaders in heated cross-examinationMilley defends loyalty to country and rejects suggestion to quitThe withdrawal from Afghanistan and the evacuation of Kabul was “a logistical success but a strategic failure” the chairman of…

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The Guardian view on Afghanistan: unnecessary suffering | Editorial

A reckless western withdrawal timetable has let a people downEarlier this year, a bipartisan panel appointed by the US Congress advised against the “precipitous withdrawal” of American troops from Afghanistan. The panel warned of grave consequences if …

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