Trouble at the temple: ban on Muslims a sign of India’s new intolerance

Different faiths were once able to celebrate together in Karnataka. Now Hindu vigilante groups are targeting those who don’t share their beliefsFor 800 years, Bappanadu Sri Durgaparameshwari temple had stood as a symbol of India’s cohesive religious pa…


The Observer view on the growing threat to democracy in India | Observer editorial

As his country overtakes China as the world’s most populous, Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government is escalating its attack on civil rightsIndia has many things going for it these days but the growing authoritarianism of prime minister Narendra …


India enjoyed a free and vibrant media. Narendra Modi’s brazen attacks are a catastrophe | Kenan Malik

The prime minister’s cynical raids on the BBC are the latest populist clampdown on a press and broadcasting ‘elite’In January, the BBC broadcast a two-part series, India: The Modi Question, which looked forensically at the role of Narendra Modi in fome…