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China’s human rights record criticised at UN as it faces rare scrutiny of policies

UK, US and others use universal periodic review to speak out over Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong KongThe UK, the US and several other countries criticised China’s human rights record on Tuesday as the country was subjected to rare scrutiny of its policies at…

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Academic paper based on Uyghur genetic data retracted over ethical concerns

Exclusive: Study published in 2019 used blood and saliva samples from 203 Uyghur and Kazakh people living in Xinjiang capitalConcerns have been raised that academic publishers may not be doing enough to vet the ethical standards of research they publis…

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‘Substantial volume’ of clothing tied to Uyghur forced labour entering EU, says study

Calls for legislation after dozens of brands identified as being at risk of sourcing materials linked to China’s transfer programmesA “substantial volume” of clothing tainted by the use of Uyghur forced labour is entering the European Union market, acc…

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