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Academic paper based on Uyghur genetic data retracted over ethical concerns

Exclusive: Study published in 2019 used blood and saliva samples from 203 Uyghur and Kazakh people living in Xinjiang capitalConcerns have been raised that academic publishers may not be doing enough to vet the ethical standards of research they publis…

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Bheed review – lockdown thriller cuts across India’s class conflict

A tense, state-of-the-nation drama set in Covid-era India successfully exposes how the caste system underpins much of the country’s division and strife ‘No one ever plans for the poor,” says a young police officer in this tense, painful pandemic drama …

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Wolverine fish and blind eel among 212 new freshwater species

Report from Shoal on 2021’s newly described species shows ‘there are still hundreds and hundreds more freshwater fish scientists don’t know about yet’Scientists are celebrating 212 “new” freshwater fish species, including a blind eel found in the groun…

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‘Every time the tide recedes, it’s a new world’: Mumbai’s marine life revealed

A group of sea life enthusiasts is documenting a wealth of species thriving in the shadow of India’s most populous city, from glowing coral to octopusesA hidden forest of algae sponges and hydroids photographed at low tide; a stunning night image of gr…

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Local Covid vaccines fill gap as UN Covax scheme misses target

India, Egypt and Cuba among first states to develop and make their own vaccines as Covax falls behind Developing countries are increasingly turning to homegrown Covid vaccinations as the UN-backed Covax programme falls behind.While western countries ro…

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