Indonesian woman flogged 100 times for adultery, man gets 15 lashes

Man denied any wrongdoing after pair caught together in conservative Aceh province

An Indonesian woman has been flogged 100 times in Aceh province for adultery while the male involved, who denied the accusations, received just 15 lashes.

Ivan Najjar Alavi, the head of the general investigation division at the East Aceh prosecutors’ office, said the court handed down a harsher sentence for the woman after she confessed to investigators she had sex outside of her marriage.

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Same-sex couple become first in Taiwan to legally adopt child

Wang Chen-wei and Chen Chun-ju sign papers after ruling allows Chen to register as parent alongside Wang

A married same-sex couple have become the first in Taiwan to legally adopt a child neither of them are related to, after they challenged local laws in court.

Wang Chen-wei, Chen Chun-ju, and their daughter, nicknamed Joujou, were surrounded by press at the Taipei household registration office, as the couple formally signed adoption paperwork after a long battle. Clutching Joujou, her face hidden behind a hoodie, face mask and sunglasses, Wang and Chen told of their bittersweet victory.

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Home Office tells Afghan and Yemeni asylum seekers they can return safely

Rejection of men’s claims was against UK guidance not to force returns to Afghanistan and Yemen

The Home Office has told asylum seekers from some of the world’s biggest conflict zones that it is safe for them to return there, the Guardian has learned.

A 36-year-old from Yemen and a 21-year-old from Afghanistan have both had their asylum claims rejected by government officials on the basis that they would not be at risk in their home countries.

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Increased repression and violence a sign of weakness, says Human Rights Watch

Watchdog’s latest report argues autocrats around the world are getting desperate as opponents form coalitions to challenge them

Increasingly repressive and violent acts against civilian protests by autocratic leaders and military regimes around the world are signs of their desperation and weakening grip on power, Human Rights Watch says in its annual assessment of human rights across the globe.

In its world report 2022, the human rights organisation said autocratic leaders faced a significant backlash in 2021, with millions of people risking their lives to take to the streets to challenge regimes’ authority and demand democracy.

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Anger at NZ government as Afghan ex-vice-president resettled while hundreds of others trapped

Sarwar Danish arrived in the country from Turkey in December, while other Afghans who worked for New Zealand forces remain in fear of their lives

New Zealand’s decision to resettle a former vice-president of Afghanistan and 13 family members has sparked controversy, with some asking why hundreds of Afghans who helped New Zealand forces or were associated with them remain trapped abroad and in fear for their lives.

Sarwar Danish had already escaped to Turkey before recently arriving in New Zealand, according to Stuff, which first reported the news.

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New Zealand man has cockroach extracted from ear three days after feeling wriggling

Zane Wedding said he initially thought the problem was just water in his ear and later gave the insect to the ear specialist as a memento

A New Zealand man has had a cockroach pulled from his ear three days after first feeling a squirming sensation.

Zane Wedding said he initially thought the problem was just water in his ear. The Aucklander had been for a swim at a local pool on Friday morning and fell asleep on his couch that evening. He woke up with a blocked ear – and the feeling there was something wriggling inside.

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Leading campaigner urges UK to target wealth of Kazakhstani elite

Bill Browder, who pushed for Magnitsky law, says anti-corruption laws should be used in response to deaths of at least 164 protesters

One of the architects of the UK’s updated sanctions legislation has called for the government and crime agencies to target the wealth of the Kazakhstani elite following the deaths of at least 164 people during unrest.

Bill Browder, an American investor turned campaigner, said the British government could use anti-corruption legislation to target the rulers of Kazakhstan on the grounds of human rights abuses.

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Woman’s diary goes viral as lockdown in China forces her to stay with blind date

Wang went for dinner at date’s house in Zhengzhou when Covid forced thousands into quarantine

A Chinese woman has become an overnight sensation after she posted video diaries documenting her life after being stuck at a blind date’s house.

Wang went for dinner on Sunday at her blind date’s residence in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, where a recent outbreak of Covid cases sent thousands into quarantine in parts of the city. As she was finishing her meal, the area was put under lockdown.

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