Hundreds of people missing after Rohingya refugee camp fire

At least 15 people killed as blaze spread across Bangladesh camp of about 124,000 refugees from Myanmar

Hundreds of people are missing with at least 15 confirmed dead, including three children, after a fire tore through a camp for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

The toll was exacerbated by barbed wire fencing that caged refuges into areas of the sprawling Balukhali camp that were going up in flames, aid workers said.

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China bomb attack kills four in suspected protest over development

Attack at office that makes decisions on land use comes after officials gave 270 acres to a developer, prompting the relocation of farmers

Four people were killed when a man detonated a homemade bomb in a village government office in southern China, authorities said, in a rare act of violent social protest.

A 59-year-old man suspected of being responsible for the explosive device was also killed in the explosion, local police said on their official Weibo account, adding that five people were wounded in the blast.

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Australia and New Zealand welcome sanctions on China over Uighur abuses but impose none of their own

Chinese embassy accuses Canberra of ‘despicable smearing’ of China after Australian foreign minister raises ‘grave concerns’ about human rights

Australia and New Zealand have raised “grave concerns” about human rights abuses against Muslim minorities in China’s Xinjiang region, citing “the growing number of credible reports” of severe violations.

But while both countries have welcomed new coordinated sanctions announced by the UK, US, the EU and Canada, they have not announced any such measures of their own.

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New Zealand moves to rein in runaway housing market with billion dollar plan

Jacinda Ardern announces more support for first homebuyers and measures to dampen property speculation but admits its no ‘silver bullet’

The New Zealand government has announced a series of billion-dollar measures aimed at tackling the country’s housing crisis as prime minister Jacinda Ardern warns there is “no silver bullet”.

House prices have been driven up 23% in just 12 months, far ahead of wage growth, pushing younger and lower-income buyers out of the market. On Tuesday morning Ardern announced a package intended to address problems of housing supply and demand, and help shift the balance away from investors.

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US and Canada follow EU and UK to sanction Chinese officials over Xinjiang

It is the first time for three decades UK or EU has punished China for human rights abuses

Britain and the EU have taken joint action with the US and Canada to impose parallel sanctions on a senior Chinese officials involved in the mass internment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province in the first such western action against Beijing since Joe Biden took office.

The move also marked the first time for three decades the UK or the EU had punished China for human rights abuses, and both will now be working hard to contain the potential political and economic fallout. China hit back immediately, blacklisting MEPs, European diplomats and thinktanks.

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I had a narrow escape from Fred West. Knowing you’re prey is an ever-present fear for women | Sally J Morgan

Young women quickly come to realise that our world is a very different place from that of our male friends

Creatures that are hunted need survival strategies. I watched a video clip of a cat seeing off a black bear. Despite the ridiculous size difference, the cat flies at the bear – all ferocity and flashing claws. Small animals turn fear into rage, and sometimes – only sometimes – rage saves them.

These thoughts come to me in the quiet garden of my Wellington home. Sexual assaults have increased in this city by 50% over the past five years. In the news, I read about an appalling killing in London. Women protesting, holding vigils and being beaten by the police as “activists”.

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