Donald Trump paid nearly $200,000 in taxes to China, report claims

New York Times says records reveal company bank account in China, and documents show he paid more tax there than at home

Donald Trump maintains a bank account in China where he pursued licensing deals for years, according to a report that could undermine the president’s election campaign claim that he is tough on Beijing.

Tax records reviewed by the New York Times showed a previously unreported bank account in China controlled by Trump International Hotels Management. The account paid $188,561 in taxes in China between 2013 and 2015 in connection to potential licensing deals, according the newspaper.

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Live coronavirus found on frozen food packaging in China

Authorities say there have been no cases of transmission to consumers and the risk of it happening is low

Chinese health authorities investigating a recent Covid-19 outbreak say they have discovered live coronavirus on frozen food packaging, a finding that suggests the virus can survive in cold supply chains.

On Saturday the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it had found traces of live Covid-19 on the outer packing of frozen cod in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, marking the first time live coronavirus has been detected on the outside of refrigerated goods. Researchers were investigating the source of a recent cluster of cases linked to a hospital in Qingdao.

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Chinese detention ‘leaving thousands of Uighur children without parents’

Researcher says Xinjiang files reveal government strategy of long-term social control

Thousands of Uighur children appear to have been left without parents as their mothers or fathers were forced into Chinese internment camps, prison and other detention facilities, according to evidence from government documents in Xinjiang.

Records compiled by officials in southern Xinjiang and analysed by the researcher Adrian Zenz indicate that in 2018 more than 9,500 mostly Uighur children in Yarkand county were classified either as experiencing “single hardship” or “double hardship” depending on if one or both parents were detained.

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‘Golden week’: wedding season boom in China with 600,000 couples tying knot

Months of delayed nuptials have been crowded together with one man having to attend 23 celebrations

Couples have rushed to get married over China’s national day holiday in the first wedding season since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Months of delayed nuptial celebrations were crowded into the “golden week” holiday, traditionally a popular time for weddings, that ended on Wednesday as hotels, banquet halls and other wedding venues were booked out.

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Covax: Covid vaccine global effort gets China’s support

Beijing joins initiative against ‘vaccine nationalism’ in contrast to US, which is not part of alliance

China has officially joined a global vaccine initiative for distributing 2bn doses of Covid-19 vaccines around the world by the end of next year, according to the ministry of foreign affairs.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Friday that Beijing had joined the initiative known as Covax, making China the largest economy to join to coalition aimed at countering so-called “vaccine nationalism”.

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China promotes ‘revenge travel’ to boost economy after Covid lockdowns

Pent-up demand on display at start of Golden Week after months of paralysis

Millions of Chinese people are travelling across the country in a bout of “revenge tourism” after almost a year of quarantines, lockdowns and restrictions on their movement.

China’s ministry of culture and tourism expects around 550 million people will make trips within the country during an eight-day public holiday marking the mid-autumn festival and China’s national day.

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Anger in China as doctor who died of Covid-19 omitted from citizen awards

Lavish ceremony fails to mention Li Wenliang, who spoke up about virus, prompting online outcry

In a lavish ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping recognised a select group of citizens for their outsize contributions to the country’s fight against Covid-19 and praised his party’s resilience when faced with such “an extraordinary and historic test”.

In front of hundreds of party officials, cadres and health workers, Xi carefully draped a heavy gold medal over the head of the senior epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan. He awarded medals to a traditional Chinese medicine expert, the head of a Wuhan hospital at the forefront of the outbreak, and a military biomedical expert. More than 40 medical workers, local officials and police who died during the outbreak were also commended.

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China refuses to renew press cards for US journalists as media row deepens

Wall Street Journal, CNN, Bloomberg and Getty Images staff told curbs in response to US measures against Chinese media

Chinese authorities have refused to renew the press credentials for at least five reporters for US news organisations based in China, in the latest deterioration of ties between the two countries.

Journalists from the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Bloomberg and Getty Images who recently attempted to renew their press cards were told they could not because of US measures against Chinese journalists in the US, according to statements and people familiar with the matter.

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Xinjiang residents handcuffed to their homes in Covid lockdown

Measures in capital of semi-autonomous region include being made to take traditional medicine despite no new cases in over a week

Residents in the capital of Xinjiang are being forced to take Chinese medicine, being handcuffed to buildings and ordered to stay inside for weeks as part of a harsh range of measures to tackle coronavirus, it has emerged.

Urumqi, the capital of the semi-autonomous region known for its draconian security measures, has been in a “wartime state” of lockdown for more than a month after a cluster of cases emerged in July, when the outbreak had been mostly contained elsewhere in China.

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China’s Cai Xia: former party insider who dared criticise Xi Jinping

Prominent dissident explains how she came to doubt her fervent beliefs in party orthodoxy

In the mid-1990s, Cai Xia, a devout believer in Chinese communist doctrine, experienced her first moment of doubt.

She was a teacher at the central party school for training cadres when a friend called with some questions. Cai, an expert in Marxism and Chinese communist party theory, enthusiastically answered.

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Anxiety grows as China’s Three Gorges dam hits highest level

Officials seek to reassure public after world’s largest hydro-electric dam nears capacity amid heavy floods

Extreme floods have hit China’s Three Gorges dam, which recorded the largest inflow of water in its history, prompting officials to assure the public it would not be breached.

Inflows to the world’s largest hydro-electric dam reached 75m litres of water a second, according to state media. By Thursday morning, 11 outlets of the dam had been opened to discharge 49.2m litres of water a second, the largest release since its construction.

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‘He killed a party and a country’: a Chinese insider hits out at Xi Jinping

An edited transcript of an interview with Cai Xia, who was expelled from the Communist party on Monday

For years, Cai Xia, a former professor at China’s elite Central Party School, has watched the ruling Communist party decay from the inside. Now she is out.

On Monday she was expelled from the party, two months after an audio recording of her describing the country’s leader, Xi Jinping, as a “mafia boss” was leaked online.

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China’s Xi Jinping facing widespread opposition in his own party, insider claims

Exclusive: Cai Xia, who has been expelled from the elite Central Party School, says president’s ‘unchecked power’ has made China ‘the enemy of the world’

A former professor at China’s elite Central Party School has issued an unprecedented rebuke of the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, accusing him of “killing a country” and claiming that many more want out of the ruling Chinese Communist party.

Cai Xia, a prominent professor who taught at the school for top officials, was expelled from the party on Monday after an audio recording of remarks she made that were critical of Xi was leaked online in June. The school said in a notice that Cai, a professor at the party school since 1992, had made comments that “damaged the country’s reputation” and were full of “serious political problems”.

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‘Operation empty plate’: Xi Jinping makes food waste his next target

Restaurant diners told to order one dish less than number of people under new system criticised as overly controlling

The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, has launched a campaign targeting a new enemy of the country: food waste.

“Waste is shameful and thriftiness is honourable,” Xi said in a speech published on Tuesday, describing the amount of food that goes to waste in the country as “shocking and distressing”, according to the state news agency Xinhua.

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China sanctions 11 US citizens including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

NGOs also targeted in tit-for-tat measure arising from Hong Kong security crackdown

China has placed sanctions on 11 US citizens, including legislators and the heads of several US-based non-governmental organisations, in the latest tit-for-tat measure over a national security law imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing.

In response to a similar move by the US last week, China’s foreign ministry said on Monday it would target US citizens who have “behaved egregiously on Hong Kong-related issues”.

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