‘We have a right to live in dignity’: Biharis in Bangladesh fight for equality – and jobs

The Urdu-speaking ethnic group was stateless for many years after the partition of India – and even now remain marginalised, living in cramped settlement camps and struggling to find formal workOn his first day at high school, Khalid Hussain was accuse…


Great pretender: the bird with an Elvis-like quiff that can’t stop mimicking

Scientists are learning the secrets of the greater racket-tailed drongo and other creatures in a jungle in south India from the people who have always lived thereIn the dense forests of south India’s Western Ghats, you may be lucky enough to spot a gre…


Canada won’t be intimidated by China’s retaliatory expulsion of consul, Trudeau says

China’s foreign ministry said it would expel Canadian envoy for Ottawa’s ‘unreasonable action’ of ejecting Chinese diplomatCanada will not be intimidated by China’s tit-for-tat expulsion of a Canadian consul in retaliation for Ottawa’s ejection of a Ch…