Bangladesh media in fear after PM’s ‘people’s enemy’ attack

Even stories on cost of living leave journalists facing assault, threats and arrest under Digital Security ActFour weeks ago, a reporter in Bangladesh was hauled from his office, badly beaten – and then thrown from the roof of his building, leaving him…


‘Hell on earth’: India’s taboos around women’s pain leave endometriosis sufferers in agony

Despite the pain of the condition, diagnoses take seven years on average globally. In India, where 42 million women have the disease, cultural stigmas can make the delay even longer‘Hell-on-earth excruciating pain,” is how Ruhi Singh* describes her exp…


Military construction on Myanmar’s Great Coco island prompts fears of Chinese involvement

Great Coco lies 55km from India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Beijing has denied it is involved in building a surveillance post thereSince the early 1990s, Myanmar’s Great Coco – a small, remote island in the Bay of Bengal – has been at the centre of …