China and Saudi Arabia boycott G20 meeting held by India in Kashmir

Indian presidency of group becomes mired in controversy as tourism session hosted in disputed territoryIndia’s presidency of the G20 group of leading nations has become mired in controversy after China and Saudi Arabia boycotted a meeting staged in Kas…


US and Papua New Guinea sign pact amid Pacific militarisation concerns

Concerns security deal could leave Papua New Guinea stuck between an increasingly hostile US and ChinaThe US has signed a security pact with Papua New Guinea amid concerns inside the country about increasing militarisation as Washington competes with B…


China’s war chest: how the fight for semiconductors reveals the outlines of a future conflict

US efforts to stifle China’s chip industry are thought to be part of a wider plan to hinder Beijing’s preparations for warSigns of the burgeoning conflict between the US and China can be spotted in many different places, from balloons in the sky to vid…