Imran Khan given bail in corruption case and assurance he will not be rearrested

Judges’ decision comes amid rising tensions as former Pakistan PM faces claims over illegal land transfersA court has granted bail to Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan for two weeks in a corruption case and ordered his protection from arrest …


Streets ahead: a landmark for the Delhi newspaper run by homeless children

Balaknama’s reports on sexual abuse, police brutality and child labour, written by teenagers, have transformed lives in IndiaIn a dingy basement office in Delhi, a semi-circle of young teenagers sit on woven mats discussing the news. It is the monthly …


Trouble at the temple: ban on Muslims a sign of India’s new intolerance

Different faiths were once able to celebrate together in Karnataka. Now Hindu vigilante groups are targeting those who don’t share their beliefsFor 800 years, Bappanadu Sri Durgaparameshwari temple had stood as a symbol of India’s cohesive religious pa…