Pakistan’s Imran Khan vows to fight to ‘last drop of blood’ in first rally since being shot

Ousted PM calls off march on Islamabad to avoid further chaos but continues to press for early elections, possibly by pulling his PTI party out of regional assemblies

Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan told tens of thousands of supporters on Saturday that he would fight until his “last drop of blood” in his first public address since being shot in an assassination attempt this month.

The shooting was the latest twist in months of political turmoil that began in April when Khan was ousted by a vote of no confidence in parliament.

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Imran Khan to resume protests – this time taking on Pakistan’s military

After surviving an assassination attempt, many believe ex-PM could use his support to press army to back a return to power

It will be the moment that Imran Khan has been building up to for weeks. On Saturday, Pakistan’s toppled prime minister and former superstar cricketer will bring his “long march 2.0” to the city of Rawalpindi as he continues to push for early general elections. If a vote is called, Khan insists he will win overwhelmingly.

Khan’s appearance will be his first public outing since an assassination attempt earlier this month, when he was shot in the leg as his march travelled through Punjab. He remains unable to walk so will address the crowds from a wheelchair. According to security agencies, there remains a high risk of another assassination attempt, so Khan will be shielded within a cube of bulletproof glass.

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Imran Khan denies corruption over $2m worth of state gifts

Former Pakistan PM denies allegations he illegally sold items given to him by Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman

The former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has been accused of corruption and illegally selling for $2m (£1.7m) a unique antique watch, gold pen, ring, and cufflinks given to him by the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

On Tuesday, a Dubai-based businessman, Farooq Zahoor, claimed on Pakistan’s Geo News that he purchased the gifts in cash from a close friend of the former premier in 2019 in the United Arab Emirates.

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Pakistan: Imran Khan says two shooters tried to assassinate him – video

Imran Khan has shared details of the assassination attempt against him Wazirabad. Khan sustained bullet wounds to his legs during a rally in the eastern Punjab province. The former PM confirmed that there were two shooters and accused four individuals of organising the attempt on his life

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Imran Khan supporters take to streets as shooting fuels Pakistan tensions

Stakes raised on Friday as clashes erupt between police and protesters in cities across Pakistan

Hundreds of police officers equipped with teargas hurriedly took positions near a junction connecting Islamabad with its twin city of Rawalpindi as a group of protesters burned wood and chanted slogans on Friday.

The two groups edged towards each other, and then the protesters hurled stones at the police, who responded with teargas rounds. Not long afterwards, the protesters dispersed, and police reopened the junction to traffic.

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Imran Khan shooting is latest incident in Pakistan’s violent political history

From the assassination of its first PM in 1951, the country has suffered waves of brutal sectarian conflict and murders

Last month, Pakistan summoned the US ambassador in Islamabad for a dressing down after President Joe Biden described the south Asian country as “one of the most dangerous nations in the world”. Biden was apparently referring to Pakistan’s combination of nuclear weapons and apparent instability. He might have been talking about the threat faced by the country’s own politicians instead.

On Thursday, the former prime minister Imran Khan was shot when his anti-government protest convoy came under attack in the east of the country, in what his aides said was a clear assassination attempt. The 70-year-old did not appear to be seriously injured but the incident underlines once again how politics in Pakistan is inseparable from violence.

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Imran Khan wounded in ‘assassination attempt’ in Pakistan

Former prime minister shot when his convoy came under fire in eastern Punjab province

A gunman opened fire at a container lorry carrying Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan, wounding him in the leg and also some of his supporters as he led a protest march on Islamabad to demand snap elections, a senior leader from his party and police have said.

A party aide said Khan had been wounded in the shin and was not seriously hurt. “A man opened fire with an automatic weapon. Several people are wounded. Imran Khan is also injured,” Asad Umar told Reuters.

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Ex-Pakistan PM Imran Khan barred from elections for five years

Election commission rules he misled officials about gifts received from foreign leaders while in office

The former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been disqualified from running for political office for five years, after the country’s election commission ruled that he misled officials about gifts he received from foreign leaders while in power.

The decision announced on Friday is another twist in political wrangling that began even before Khan’s ejection in April, and is one of several legal battles being fought by the former international cricket star and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party.

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Pakistan’s PM says rival Imran Khan is ‘biggest liar on earth’

As economic turmoil continues, Shehbaz Sharif accuses predecessor of leaving the country in ruins

Pakistan’s prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, has accused the former premier Imran Khan of being the “the biggest liar on the face of the earth” and injecting poison into society to “dangerously polarise the electorate” after he was toppled from power earlier this year.

Speaking in his first interview from Pakistan since he took over as prime minister in April, Sharif, 70, spoke unsparingly of the “damage” that Khan, the former cricket superstar who ruled Pakistan from 2018, had done to the country in both domestic and foreign affairs.

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Pakistan court drops contempt of court case against ex-PM Imran Khan

High court accepted former prime minister’s apology with ruling that ease threat of disqualification from politics

A Pakistani court on Monday accepted an apology tendered by the former prime minister Imran Khan and dropped a contempt of court case against him, his defence lawyer said, a ruling that ease the threat to him of disqualification from politics.

The Islamabad high court had deferred Khan’s indictment over the contempt case after he apologised to the court in person late last month.

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Imran Khan: what do terrorism charges signify for former Pakistan PM?

Charges over allegations made in rally speech unlikely to spell end of political career, say experts

Court grants Khan extended bail in terrorism case

Even in a region with plenty of colourful political characters, Imran Khan stands out. A tenacious populist politician who won power in Pakistan in 2018 after two decades of trying, Khan’s social conservatism, anti-western stance and religious rhetoric are all the more striking given his backstory.

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Pakistan court grants Imran Khan extended bail in terrorism case

Police barred until 1 September from arresting former PM, whose supporters gathered outside court

A Pakistani court has barred officers from arresting the former prime minister Imran Khan until the end of the month, according to officials, after police filed terrorism charges against him.

The court protected Khan, the leader of Pakistan’s opposition, from arrest until 1 September over accusations that during a speech at the weekend, he threatened police officers and a judge.

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Imran Khan supporters gather outside residence after terror charges brought against him – video

Supporters of Pakistan’s former prime minister surrounded his residence in Islamabad – to potentially stop police from reaching it – after he was charged under the country's anti-terror act over comments he made at a rally on Saturday. At the rally Khan vowed to sue police officers and a female judge and alleged a close aide had been tortured after his arrest

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Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan charged under anti-terror law

Khan is reportedly accused of making threats to the country’s judiciary and police force

Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan has been charged under anti-terrorism legislation after he gave a fiery speech to supporters at the weekend in which he vowed to sue police officers and a female judge and alleged a close aide had been tortured after his arrest.

Khan will have to “face the law for threatening and hurling abuses”, tweeted the interior minister, Rana Sanaullah.

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Salman Rushdie attack was unjustifiable, says Pakistan’s Imran Khan

In a wide-ranging Guardian interview, the former prime minister say he understands anger The Satanic Verses created ‘but you can’t justify what happened’

Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan has condemned the attack on Salman Rushdie, describing it as “terrible” and “sad”, and saying that while the anger of the Islamic world at Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses was understandable, it could not justify the assault.

Khan also said he expected Afghan women to “assert their rights” in the face of Taliban restrictions in a Guardian interview in which he sought to moderate his reputation as a firebrand. He is fighting for his political survival after being ousted from office in April. Khan says his staff and followers are being persecuted and intimidated and he is battling eight-year-old charges of illicit campaign financing that could lead to him being banned from politics.

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