Global report: Philippines ‘losing battle’ as WHO records biggest jump in Covid-19 cases

Filipino medics plead for lockdown as health system teeters; US suffers deadliest month; South Korea arrest sect leader

U-turns and chaos: a terrible week for Boris Johnson
Coronavirus latest updates

Senior doctors in the Philippines have pleaded with the government to impose a strict lockdown in the capital Manila or risk losing the battle to contain the spread of coronavirus.

As the World Health Organization recorded the highest daily number of new cases so far during the pandemic, the medics said the Philippines’ fragile health system needed a “time out” to avert collapse.

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South Korean sect leader arrested for obstructing Covid-19 investigation

Lee Man-hee’s Shincheonji Church of Jesus was at the centre of an outbreak but police say he hid details on members and their movements

California sees record number of deaths on four separate days

South Korean authorities have arrested the founder of a secretive Christian sect at the centre of the country’s largest outbreak of Covid-19 infections for allegedly hiding crucial information from contact-tracers and other offences.

Lee Man-hee is the powerful head of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus which is linked to more than 5,200 coronavirus infections, or 36% of South Korea’s total cases.

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韓国のポータルサイトネイバーから、「安倍謝罪像?『誰でもいいから日本は反省せよ!』」という記事を翻訳してご紹介。韓国人の反応はありませんが、今後、この像を蹴飛ばしたり踏みつけたりする光景がインスタなどSNSで拡散する可能性があるので、報告の次元で翻訳しました。 続きを読む
‘Like in the Cultural Revolution’: Hong Kong’s educators fear being purged

Teachers and professors face crackdown as authorities fight for the minds of an antagonistic young generation

For thousands of university professors and teachers in Hong Kong, the coming weeks will be a nervous time as they prepare for a new academic year.

In just a month’s time, universities, schools and even kindergartens across the city will be placed under unprecedented scrutiny as they resume classes for the first time after the national security law passed in July, amid calls for the “bad apples” among teachers to be purged.

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China uses Hong Kong security law against US and UK-based activists
  • Arrest warrant issued for campaigner and US citizen Samuel Chu
  • Britons also among those wanted for ‘incitement to secession’

Hong Kong police have issued arrest warrants for six pro-democracy activists living in exile, the first time the city’s authorities have used a sweeping new law to target campaigners living outside Hong Kong.

They include Samuel Chu, an American citizen who lives in the US, Nathan Law, a prominent campaigner who recently relocated to the UK after fleeing Hong Kong, and Simon Cheng, a former British consular staffer who was granted asylum in the UK after alleging he was tortured in China.

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Football’s first fa’afafine: trans rights trailblazer Jaiyah Saelua on stardom and sisterhood

Fa’afafine athlete and advocate Jaiyah Saelua, and Kaimana, the fa’afafine actor who will play her in Taika Waititi’s latest film, find shared celebration in a uniquely Polynesian story

Jaiyah Saelua is a footballer first.

The first openly transgender woman and fa’afafine to compete in a Fifa World Cup qualifying match for men, she has become a global champion for the rights of transgender and fa’afafine athletes, and now - almost disbelievingly - finds her life portrayed in an upcoming Hollywood film, directed by Oscar winner Taika Waititi, to be released later this year.

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