Fijian prime minister calls on Australia to be ‘far more ambitious’ on climate

Frank Bainimarama wants the two countries to ‘unite behind the science’ of limiting global heating to 1.5C

The Fijian prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, has called on Australia to be “far more ambitious” in reducing greenhouse gases, linking the climate crisis to extreme weather events in the Pacific including drought and bushfires in Australia.

On the final official day of his visit to Australia, Bainimarama nominated the “varied level of ambition when it comes to confronting the threat of climate change” as a key difference between the two countries and called for everyone to “unite behind the science” of limiting global heating to 1.5C.

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Kim Jong-un invites Donald Trump to visit Pyongyang – report

Letter from North Korean leader comes as talks between the men have stalled

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un invited US president Donald Trump to visit Pyongyang in a letter sent in August, a South Korean newspaper reported on Monday, citing diplomatic sources.

The letter pre-dates North Korea’s latest launch of short-range projectiles a week ago and is the second Trump received from Kim last month amid stalled denuclearisation talks between the two countries,

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New Zealand man charged over ‘witchcraft’ deaths that shocked Fiji

Family of five, including two children, found dead in the highlands in August, with no visible injuries

Police have charged a New Zealand man with five counts of murder following the mysterious “witchcraft” deaths of a Fijian family last month.

Husband and wife Nirmal Kumar, 63, and Usha Devi, 54, their daughter Nileshni Kajal, 34, and Kajal’s daughters Sana, 11, and Samara, eight, were all found dead in the Nausori Highlands in August.

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Collapse of PNG deep-sea mining venture sparks calls for moratorium

Papua New Guinea out of pocket $157m from failed attempt at mining material from deep-sea vents as opponents point to environmental risk

The “total failure” of PNG’s controversial deep sea mining project Solwara 1 has spurred calls for a Pacific-wide moratorium on seabed mining for a decade.

The company behind Solwara 1, Nautilus, has gone into administration, with major creditors seeking a restructure to recoup hundreds of millions sunk into the controversial project.

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Police fire teargas and water cannon at Hong Kong protesters

Demonstrators surround government complex, throwing rocks and molotov cocktails

A peaceful rally in Hong Kong has descended into chaos as police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters who hurled petrol bombs, set fires, and clashed with residents.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators defied a police ban and marched on the seat of the government calling for greater democracy in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

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Hong Kong police fire water cannon at protesters throwing petrol bombs – video

Officers also fired teargas at the demonstrators, who had gathered outside the government office complex on Sunday. The latest violence came after tens of thousands defied a police ban and marched toward the seat of the government, chanting: ‘Five demands, not one less.’ For the past three months, Hong Kong has been gripped by the most serious political crisis in decades, triggered by a proposal to allow extradition to mainland China

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Hong Kong enters 15th week of mass protests as unrest continues

Pro-democracy demonstrators clash with Beijing supporters as riot police subdue protesters

Rival groups of demonstrators clashed in Hong Kong and police made arrests in another weekend of mass protests after months of political unrest.

Dozens of pro-Beijing protesters waved Chinese flags and chanted “support the police” at a mall in Kowloon Bay on Saturday, as pro-democracy demonstrators gathered, clad in black and wearing masks. After a standoff, members of the two sides began to fight, throwing punches and hitting each other with umbrellas before police separated them. At least one man was seen bleeding from the head.

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‘It’s impossible to do anything’: Indonesia’s refugees in limbo as money runs out

Australia’s funding cuts force hundreds of homeless refugees to plead to be taken into immigration detention

Once a military command post, the two-storey lime green building in Kalideres, West Jakarta, is now essentially a refugee camp.

More than 400 refugees are temporarily housed here in small dome tents squashed into every room and spilling out into the concrete car park. There is no running water, electricity, bathroom facilities or any certainty of food. A few days ago someone delivered biscuits, but there has been nothing since.

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Japanese man sues Asics, saying he was punished for taking paternity leave

Father says he was transferred from personnel to warehouse role and given ‘meaningless’ tasks after returning from leave

A worker at a major sportswear maker in Japan is suing his employer, claiming he was unfairly treated after taking paternity leave, in a rare legal challenge to the country’s conservative attitude towards gender roles.

The 38-year-old man, who has requested anonymity after suffering a backlash on social media, claimed at the Tokyo district court this week that Asics punished him for taking a year’s leave after the birth of his children, in 2015 and 2018.

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Video shows tender goodbye between dying Indonesian president and Timor-Leste leader

Former Timor Leste president Xanana Gusmão hugs BJ Habibie, whose actions paved the way to independence

The first president of Timor Leste has paid a touching visit to the bedside of the Indonesian president who granted the region a referendum on independence in 1999, before his death on Wednesday night.

A video circulating on social media shows Xanana Gusmão, who became president of Timor Leste after the country achieved independence in 1999, visiting BJ Habibie in hospital in Jakarta.

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Labour’s #MeToo moment eats away at Jacinda Ardern’s most prized asset – trust | Alison Mau

New Zealand prime minister’s credentials at home and abroad as a new kind of leader all hang on her next move

It’s just shy of a year ago that Jacinda Ardern stood in the UN general assembly and spoke in support of the #MeToo movement. There was spontaneous applause from the floor for that small part of a much longer speech – it felt like a significant moment.

The New Zealand leader’s trip to New York attracted the usual grumbles here at home – those who could not quite get their head around the very idea of a 38-year-old unmarried woman as prime minister carped about her decision to take her three-month-old daughter along – but the result was the blossoming of an international media love affair. Baby Neve’s appearance at the back of the UN chamber was just the icing on the cake.

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West Papuan leader taken into custody in dramatic arrest

Activists say Buchtar Tabuni, seen as a mastermind of recent protests, was forcibly taken into custody by armed troops

A West Papuan independence group has accused the Indonesian police of “abducting” a leading West Papuan activist in a dramatic arrest on Monday.

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua, whose exiled leader is Benny Wenda, said in a statement that a joint strike force of Indonesian police and military surrounded the home of the high-profile activist Buchtar Tabuni early on Monday morning.

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Ardern under pressure as staffer accused of sexual assault quits

New Zealand prime minister facing questions as to when she first found out about claims

Pressure is growing on Jacinda Ardern to explain when she was made aware of serious sexual assault allegations in her party after the staffer at the centre of the furore resigned.

The individual remains unnamed but is known to have worked in a senior role in Parliament House and had regular interaction with senior Labour ministers.

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Japan should scrap nuclear reactors after Fukushima, says new environment minister

Shinjiro Koizumi says: ‘We will be doomed if we allow another accident to occur’

Japan’s new environment minister has called for the country’s nuclear reactors to be scrapped to prevent a repeat of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Shinjiro Koizumi’s comments, made hours after he became Japan’s third-youngest cabinet minister since the war, could set him on a collision course with Japan’s pro-nuclear prime minister, Shinzo Abe.

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