Hong Kong court jails Tiananmen anniversary vigil organisers

Prosecutors said Chow Hang-Tung, Tang Ngok-kwan and Tsui Hon-kwong were under foreign influence but refused to say who it was

A Hong Kong court has jailed three former members of a group that organised annual vigils to mark the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown in China.

Chow Hang-tung, 38, a prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activist and former vice-chairperson of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, was among those convicted by a magistrate’s court. The two others were Tang Ngok-kwan and Tsui Hon-kwong.

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Li Qiang: Xi Jinping, China’s president, names next premier

Nomination at annual meeting of National People’s Congress confirms replacement of Li Keqiang

Xi Jinping has nominated Li Qiang, 63, to become premier during the continuing annual meeting of China’s rubber-stamp parliament, the official Xinhua news agency has reported.

Li Qiang will replace Li Keqiang, who became premier in 2013 amid high hopes he would usher in liberal reforms. But his power was curbed by Xi, who increasingly sidelined Li Keqiang and placed allies in key strategic positions over him.

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‘A defeated person’: sidelined by Xi, China’s Li Keqiang bows out as premier

Hopes that Li would be a liberal reformer were curbed by Xi Jinping as the president became more and more powerful

In a farewell speech after serving 10 years as China’s number two leader, the premier, Li Keqiang, had a cryptic message for his staff: “While people work, heaven watches. Heaven has eyes.”

His unusually candid words, seen in a video clip on social media but unreported by official media, stoked speculation about whether he was making a veiled attack on President Xi Jinping.

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Uyghur: Reclaiming Our Story – exhibition looks beyond the oppression

Photographer Sam Biddle engages with members of the Uyghur diaspora who are reclaiming their identity and broadening the public’s perception, from the singular narrative of persecution to include the thousands of years of rich Uyghur history and culture. The exhibition starts on 11 March in Coburg, Victoria

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Cyclone aftermath offers popularity boost to new New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins as poll looms

Disaster has given opportunity to show decisive leadership but issues raised by climate change could be a political landmine

On the lawn of a suburban home in Coromandel, the prime minister’s dress shoes have been scuffed ochre by a softened bed of clay. Chris Hipkins stands in front of the house, perched atop a tide of packed earth. It has been carried about 15 metres downhill by a landslide, walls crunched and bowing. The buckled porch has come to rest halfway across the lawn, flattening a well-tended hibiscus shrub.

“We’ve got a long journey ahead of us,” he says.

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