Tiananmen Square protests 1989

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Chinese censors remove protest site Sitong Bridge from online maps

Amid usual scrubbing for Tiananmen Square anniversary, searches for bridge where protest was held in 2022 return no resultsChinese censors scrubbing the internet of any words or symbols that could be used to reference the Tiananmen Square massacre in t…

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Asia PacificChinaDigital mediaMediaProtestSocial mediaTiananmen Square protests 1989World news

Li Jiaqi: Chinese influencer’s career hangs in balance after ‘tank cake’ stream

Social media star’s broadcast cut short after appearance of dessert thought to reference 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdownLi Jiaqi was trained as a dancer but discovered a knack for selling lipsticks in his early 20s. Even before he became one of China’s…

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