Why we must hold China to account | Letters
Libby Ruffle on China’s economic gains and humanitarian failings, and Jim Denham on Beijing’s global dominance

Martin Jacques writes about the “world-transforming” effect of China’s economic growth on Europe and the US (This decade belonged to China. So will the next one, 1 January). Arguably, he’s referring to states and corporations rather than citizens, though individuals and companies are likewise enmeshed in global capitalism.

Recently, Arsenal’s distancing from Mesut Özil after he raised awareness of the persecution of Uighurs in Xinjiang, and Tesco’s complicity in alleged forced prison labour, have shown how western corporations have disdained humanitarian basics in favour of international profit – perhaps an indication of what to expect from future power shifts.

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Mesut Özil row: China’s Arsenal fans burn shirts in anger at Xinjiang post

Player, who has 4 million followers on Chinese microblog Weibo, is called a ‘dirty ant’ for attacking China

Chinese football fans have burned Arsenal football shirts and called on the club to fire star player Mesut Özil after he publicly criticised China’s treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang.

On Friday, Özil, who is usually quiet on social media, posted a message on his Instagram profile describing Uighurs in the far north-western region of China as “warriors who resist persecution”.

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