China accused of flooding social media with spam to cover up Covid protests

US firm says network of bot accounts also hijacking hashtags in large-scale attempt to obscure coverage

An attempt to flood social media platforms with spam in order to drown out coverage of the lockdown protests in China was probably backed by the Chinese government, according to analysis by a US cybersecurity firm.

Recorded Future found that networks of coordinated bot accounts were targeting non-Chinese social media platforms to crowd out genuine posts about the demonstrations with spam content and by hijacking hashtags of names of Chinese cities. It said China’s government was most likely to be behind the tactic.

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India to ban private cryptocurrencies and launch official digital currency

Proposed legislation follows warning from Narendra Modi and crackdown in China

The Indian government is preparing to ban private cryptocurrencies and allow the country’s central bank to launch an official digital currency.

The proposed legislation follows a crackdown on cryptocurrencies in China, where financial regulators and the central bank have made all digital currency transactions illegal.

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Chairman of TikTok owner ByteDance steps down as Beijing tightens grip

Zhang Yiming relinquishes role at firm he co-founded, one of Chinese tech’s biggest global success stories

The chair of TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, has stepped down, as the Chinese government tightens its control of China’s tech sector and maintains pressure on the industry’s domestic entrepreneurs.

Zhang Yiming announced in May he would step down as chief executive of the tech company he co-founded and on Wednesday he relinquished his chair title, with ByteDance’s English-language website no longer featuring a page that mentioned his formal board role. Instead, there was a photo of Zhang under the heading of “leadership” with no title underneath. ByteDance declined to comment.

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