Flake news: what is a sausage roll cake, and why does it exist?

The birthday ‘cake’ given to New Zealand MP Chris Hipkins raised many questions. We attempt to answer them

What am I looking at? Is that a cake in the shape of a sausage roll, or a sausage roll in the shape of a cake?

Would either one of those answers be OK? The so-called sausage roll cake is exactly what it looks like: enormous slabs of sausage meat nestled between thick layers of pastry. In the shape of a cake.

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Flour power: Hong Kong protest-themed cake disqualified from UK baking contest

Creator claims cake was victim of political censorship after attendees at Cake International show threatened to damage it

A Hong Kong protest-themed cake has become the latest cause célèbre of the city’s five-month political crisis after it was disqualified from a cake decorating competition in the UK.

The three-tiered cake features a mini black-clad protester in a yellow hard hat, a large Guy Fawkes mask, tiny umbrellas and mini political slogans – all symbols of the ongoing protests. It even has a miniature black LP record playing the unofficial anthem of the protest, Glory to Hong Kong, and emits a vapour designed to look like tear gas.

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