Kevin Rudd attacks ‘idiot’ Peter Dutton over ‘hairy-chested’ comments on China

Former Labor PM says if China wanted a reset with Australia he ‘could not think of a dumber thing to do’ than the Solomon Islands deal

Kevin Rudd has launched a personal attack on Peter Dutton, labelling the defence minister an “idiot” for believing hairy-chested commentary about China would improve Australia’s strategic circumstances.

The former Australian prime minister also took aim at Beijing, saying that if Chinese officials really wanted a reset in the relationship with Australia he “could not think of a dumber thing to do than what they just did in the Solomons”.

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‘Rhetorical overdrive’: Turnbull and Rudd warn Coalition not to play politics with China relationship

Former prime ministers argue unnecessary attacks on Beijing could harm Chinese Australians and undermine multicultural society

Former Australian prime ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd have urged the federal government not to ramp up rhetoric against China for domestic political purposes, arguing it could harm social cohesion.

Turnbull said he worried “that some of the political rhetoric, if played for the local rightwing media peanut gallery, can actually undermine something that is very precious, which is the success of our multicultural society”.

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Afghan interpreters say Australian visa offer is not enough to get them to safety

Government has granted 90 visas to Afghans who worked with Australian forces, but they say they need military flights to flee revenge of the Taliban

The federal government says it has granted an extra 90 visas since the beginning of May to Afghan nationals who have worked alongside Australian forces, but interpreters still in the country warned there were still many obstacles to them escaping the revenge of the Taliban.

Guardian Australia understands officials have offered to help the Afghans get on commercial flights to Australia in the near future, but one interpreter still in Afghanistan said he knew of about 15 colleagues who had been approved for resettlement but were unable to fly in the near future because the Covid pandemic meant no flights were available.

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Myanmar coup: Kevin Rudd joins calls for UN security council intervention

Former Australian PM says world ‘radically underestimating’ how quickly junta violence could deteriorate to tens of thousands of deaths and a refugee crisis

The world is “radically underestimating” how badly the situation in Myanmar could deteriorate, with the prospect of thousands of deaths and an exodus of refugees, the former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has warned.

Rudd raised the alarm as he called for an urgent meeting of the UN security council, arguing the international community had a “responsibility to protect” the people of Myanmar from “mass atrocities” by the country’s military.

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