Five-year-old boy pulled from Indonesia earthquake rubble after two days

Azka, whose mother died in disaster, probably survived due to being protected by a mattress, while 40 people remain missing in Cianjur

Driving rain and the danger of landslides disrupted the work of Indonesian rescue workers searching on Wednesday for survivors of an earthquake that killed 271 people, with an official warning that time was running out for anyone trapped.

As the search continued, rescuers pulled a five-year-old boy from the rubble, who had survived because he was protected by a mattress.

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Indonesian earthquake: survivors recall the moment deadly quake struck – video

The earthquake struck the main island of Java killing at least 162 people, many of them children, and injured hundreds more. In the town of Cianjur, about 75 km southeast of the Indonesia capital Jakarta, hundreds of victims were treated in a hospital parking lot while residents huddled together on mats and in tents

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Indonesia earthquake: many of those killed were schoolchildren, says official

Death toll of Java quake rises to 268, with dozens of schools affected, as rescuers race against time to find survivors

The death toll from the earthquake that struck Indonesia’s main island of Java on Monday has risen to 268, and many of the dead are schoolchildren, officials have said as rescuers raced against time to find survivors.

The quake, centred in the Cianjur region of West Java province, struck at a shallow depth of 6.2 miles (10km), triggering landslides and damaging buildings, including tens of thousands of homes and dozens of schools.

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Indonesia: deadly earthquake destroys homes on island of Java – video

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 has shaken Java, Indonesia's main island, killing at least 162 people. Dozens of buildings were destroyed. The earthquake centred in the Cianjur region, about 60 miles from the capital, Jakarta, at a depth of 6 miles. Landslides were reported as a result, damaging the main public hospital; medics set up a triage centre outside the hospital to treat the injured

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Earthquake on Indonesia’s main island of Java kills at least 162 people

Rescue operation under way after magnitude-5.6 quake triggers landslides and causes buildings to collapse

At least 162 people have been killed after a magnitude-5.6 earthquake struck Indonesia’s main island of Java, triggering landslides and causing buildings to collapse.

The US Geological Survey said the quake, which struck late in the afternoon, was centred in the Cianjur region of West Java province at a depth of 6.2 miles (10km).

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The west is ignoring Pakistan’s super-floods. Heed this warning: tomorrow it will be you

Those who don’t die from the floods risk death by starvation – yet you’ve probably heard little about the devastation

Today, Pakistan, the world’s fifth-most-populous country, is fighting for its survival. This summer, erratic monsoon rains battered the country from north to south – Sindh, the southernmost province, received 464% more rain over the last few weeks than the thirty-year average for the period.

At the same time, Pakistan’s glaciers are melting at a rate never seen before. These two consequences of the climate crisis have combined to create a monstrous super-flood that has ravaged the country.

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China earthquake kills dozens as tremors shake locked-down Chengdu

Deadly quake in Sichuan leaves at least 46 dead, and was also felt in provincial capital where millions are confined to their homes

At least 46 people have been killed in a strong earthquake that struck south-western China and was felt by millions of people confined to their homes under a strict Covid lockdown in Chengdu.

The 6.6-magnitude quake hit about 26 miles (43km) south-east of the city of Kangding at a depth of about six miles, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

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Pakistan: fears for areas cut off by floods as damage to roads hampers relief effort

PM vows government will not disappoint flood victims as economic losses estimated at more than $10bn

There are growing fears for people living in communities in Pakistan cut off by devastating flooding caused by unusually strong monsoon rains, as damage to major roads hampers the military-led relief effort.

On a visit to a badly flooded area in the north-western province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Monday, the prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, described the rains as “unprecedented in the last 30 years”. “I have never seen such devastation in my life,” he said, vowing that his government “won’t disappoint” flood victims.

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Pakistan floods kill 580 and bring misery to millions

Government accused of inaction as downpours leave schools destroyed, homes ruined, crops failing and cholera on the rise

More than 580 people have died and thousands have lost their homes across Pakistan as torrential rains batter the country.

An estimated 1 million have been affected by heavy rainfall, flash floods and landslides since July as Pakistan endured more than 60% of its normal total monsoon rainfall in three weeks.

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China floods leave at least 12 dead, with thousands evacuated

Another 12 missing in flash floods in Sichuan and Gansu, as some areas receive double their monthly rain in less than two days

Flash floods in south-west and north-west China have left at least a dozen dead and put thousands of others in harm’s way, state media has reported.

In the south-western province of Sichuan, at least six people have died and another 12 are missing after torrential rain triggered flash floods, state-owned news outlet CGTN reported on Sunday.

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‘Too much suffering’: survivors talk of quake’s deadly toll in Afghanistan

5.9-magnitude earthquake leaves children buried under rubble and villages destroyed in already impoverished country

Sitting on a hill overlooking the remote Gayan district, Abdullah Abed pointed towards several freshly dug graves. “They screamed for help,” he said of his son Farhadullah, 10, and daughter Basrina, 18. “We tried to save them but by the time we pulled them out of the rubble, their voices had gone quiet.”

Today they lie buried beside 10 other family members lost in the 5.9-magnitude earthquake that struck eastern Afghanistan in the early hours of Wednesday. An estimated 250 people have died in the hard-hit district, many of them now buried next to Abed’s children, among the more than 1,000 people feared dead and 1,500 injured across Afghanistan’s eastern Paktika and Khost provinces. It was Afghanistan’s deadliest quake in two decades.

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Fears grow for Afghanistan earthquake survivors left without shelter

First shipments of international aid arrive in country as officials say death toll has risen to 1,150

There are growing fears for the health and wellbeing of survivors of Wednesday’s earthquake in Afghanistan, as the death toll rose to 1,150 and the first shipments of international aid arrived in the impoverished country.

“There are no blankets, tents, there’s no shelter. Our entire water distribution system is destroyed. There is literally nothing to eat,” Zaitullah Ghurziwal, 21, told an AFP team that reached his village in Paktika province.

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Afghanistan earthquake: at least 1,000 people killed after 5.9 magnitude tremor

Toll expected to rise after deadliest quake in two decades strikes during night near Khost, 95 miles south of Kabul

A powerful earthquake in a remote area of Afghanistan’s Paktika province has killed at least 1,000 people and injured at least 1,500, with the toll expected to rise in the impoverished country.

According to Taliban officials, hundreds more were injured in what appears to have been the deadliest quake in two decades, striking during the night with heavy rain hampering rescue efforts.

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