Vietnam seizes 125kg of smuggled rhino tusks worth $7.5m

Shipment found at Hanoi airport is one of the biggest wildlife trafficking cases in south-east Asia

More than 125kg of smuggled rhino horns have been seized in Vietnam in one of the biggest wildlife trafficking cases ever seen in south-east Asia.

The horns, which had been smuggled in from the United Arab Emirates on an Etihad airways flight, were found in Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport concealed in thick plaster. It took over half a day for the customs teams to break all 55 packages all open.

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Hong Kong police fire teargas at protesters in third day of unrest – video

Police fired several rounds of teargas at protesters in resdiential areas of Hong Kong in the third day of mass protests as political unrest deepens. Riot police advanced through thick clouds of tear gas as they fired rounds towards protesters, with protesters arming themselves with umbrellas, scrambling to douse the gas canisters with water and throwing them back towards police lines in the city's Sai Wan district. Police were seen arresting a handful of protesters who were led away in handcuffs.

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Police and protesters clash throughout Hong Kong on third day of unrest

Authorities fire teargas and rubber bullets at demonstrators who defied ban on rallying

Hong Kong has had its third consecutive day of mass protests as demonstrators and riot police firing teargas and rubber bullets clashed in several locations throughout the city.

Tens of thousands of protesters, dressed in black and armed with umbrellas and hardhats, defied police orders to keep Sunday’s rally constrained to a park in central Hong Kong and fanned out across the city in the early evening. They streamed west and east, occupying main roads, setting up barricades, and chanting: “Reclaim Hong Kong!”

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Hong Kong police fire teargas as protests enter third day

Demonstrators defy ban on marching and set up barricades as unrest deepens

Police fired several rounds of teargas at protesters in residential areas of Hong Kong in the third day of mass protests as political unrest in Hong Kong deepens.

Groups of protesters attending an anti-government rally on Sunday defied police orders and fanned out from the sanctioned area in central Hong Kong, streaming west and east, occupying roads and setting up barricades, prompting major roads and shops to close.

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‘No difference’: Hong Kong police likened to thugs after Yuen Long violence

Images circulate online comparing gang attacks to police baton charge as fresh protests begin on Sunday

Hong Kong police have come under criticism for charging protesters in a mass transit station in Yuen Long, where some were resting or preparing to leave after clashes with police on Saturday.

In scenes that protesters and critics said were reminiscent of an attack on commuters by suspected triad gangs last week, police fired tear gas and rushed into the station shortly before 10pm. The team, a special tactical unit, pepper sprayed and beat people with batons, causing panic. Some protesters attempted to fight back with fire extinguishers. Bloodied gauze and drops of blood could be seen on the station floor.

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Now that Putin is Xi’s ‘best and bosom friend’, where does that leave the west?
An ever closer alliance between Beijing and Moscow has the Pentagon worried as a threat to US power in south-east Asia

It sounds unpleasant, even painful. But as they ponder the linked challenges posed by China and Russia, Pentagon strategists are earnestly discussing whether Vladimir Putin, Russia’s famously athletic leader, will perform a “reverse Nixon”.

This is neither a daring swivel on the parallel bars nor an unusual sexual position. At issue is whether Putin will emulate the 37th US president, Richard Nixon, whose groundbreaking 1972 cold war outreach to China tilted the strategic balance in America’s favour.

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Hong Kong: police fire teargas as thousands march in Yuen Long

Activists defy police ban to stage protest at site of last weekend’s violent clash

A peaceful march in the town of Yuen Long to condemn an attack by suspected gang members on commuters turned violent as Hong Kong riot police fired teargas and rubber bullets on the crowd and used batons to beat protesters.

On Sunday, the government said 11 men had been arrested, aged between 18 and 68, for unlawful assembly, possession of an offensive weapon, assaulting a police officer and assault. In a statement it said: “Police condemn the deliberate attacks by violent protestors and will investigate all illegal and violent acts.”

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South Korea: world championship athletes injured in fatal balcony collapse

Nightclub balcony falls, killing two South Koreans and injuring aquatic athletes from the US, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy and Brazil

Two South Koreans have died and several others, including athletes attending the world aquatic championships, have been injured after a structure collapsed in a nightclub in the city of Gwangju early on Saturday, a fire department official has said.

The deaths happened when a two-level structure in the club, which is next to the athletes’ village, collapsed at about 2am local time, hitting and pinning revellers, the official said.

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The world knows what is happening to the Uighurs. Why has it been so slow to act?

A reluctance to offend China and an information blackout has meant the persecution of the ethnic minority has gone under the radar. But pressure for change is building

On Wednesday, Sadam Abdusalam went to Australia’s federal Parliament House for the first time and spent almost 12 hours meeting politicians – meetings he has spent almost two years hoping for – in which he pleaded for their help to bring his wife and nearly two-year-old son home.

Last week Abdusalam’s story was broadcast on Four Corners, detailing how his wife and son are trapped in China because they are Uighurs – ethnic minority Muslims.

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Australia must help protect Pacific from climate change, PNG prime minister says

James Marape says Australia, with New Zealand and PNG, has a moral obligation to listen to the voices of smaller island nations

Australia has a responsibility to protect the Pacific region from the impacts of climate change, PNG’s newly appointed prime minister has said.

James Marape told the Guardian Australia had “a moral responsibility … to the upkeep of the planet”, particularly given the extreme effect it was having on smaller Pacific nations.

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Hong Kong protests held at airport after Yuen Long attack – video report

Staff at Hong Kong international airport have begun an 11-hour protest in an attempt to hold the government to account for violent attacks on residents by suspected gang members last week. Flight attendants and airport staff were joined by demonstrators dressed in black, the signature colour of the territory's protest movement. Protesters could be heard chanting 'free Hong Kong' as travellers arrived at the terminal

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Hong Kong airport staff stage protest against Yuen Long attack

Flight attendants and airport staff join protesters to condemn government and police

Flight attendants and airport staff have begun a planned 11-hour protest at Hong Kong international airport to call on the government to account for a violent attack on residents by suspected gang members last week.

The aviation staff were joined by demonstrators dressed in black, the signature colour of the nearly two-month-long protest movement, who filled the airport’s arrival hall on Friday. They sat on the ground chanting “Free Hong Kong” as shocked travellers walked through the terminal.

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Jacinda Ardern accused by Māori of ‘lacking leadership’ in land dispute

Row over plans to build 500 homes on sacred land in Auckland escalates with seven protesters arrested

New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, is being accused of a “lack of leadership” over an escalating land dispute between Māori and a construction company which plans to build 500 homes on sacred land in south Auckland.

Opposition to the project boiled over this week over when a group that had been illegally occupying the land was served an eviction notice.

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‘So surreal’: Hong Kongers take up self-defence classes in wake of thug attacks

Free lessons teach how to stop punches and stick attacks after violence instills deep concern in community

“If you see attackers, you must be armed with basic skills to save your own lives,” Henry Chong, a sports therapist and karate expert, told his first self-defence class.

The class, which took place two days after the attack on unarmed commuters in the rural town of Yuen Long , was attended by mostly women aged 20-60.

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North Korea trumpets missile launches as ‘solemn warning’ to South

State media says Kim Jong-un personally organised and guided test as part of quest for ‘nonstop super powerful weapon systems’

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, supervised the launch of “a new type of tactical guided weapon” as a “solemn warning to South Korean military warmongers”, the state news agency has said.

Kim “personally organised and guided” the firing of the “state-of-the-art weaponry system” on Thursday, KCNA said, a reference to the two short-range missiles fired into the sea. It was Pyongyang’s first missile test since an impromptu June meeting between Kim and Donald Trump in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea.

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